Back to School!!

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It’s September! Man I remember so many mixed feelings around this time of year as I grew up.
Sad that summer was ending, excited to see some friends that I didn’t see over the summer,
anxiety over starting classes, excited to get some new school supplies,
and I’ve always been a fan of jackets and layering so my fashion is more fun and better as it gets cooler outside.

I was always trying to find myself and so unsure going back to school. I had friends
but always felt like I didn’t quite totally fit in with anyone
until I started playing music and joined my first band Sabaretto with the ultra talented Brian Speaker and Johnny Bhive.

That’s where I really found that “musical brotherhood” much like the theater peeps, and sports fans I imagine.
You just kind of find your people that are into what you are and you can relate to their passions.
It was a huge important part of growing up and discovering who I was. That’s when I found writing,
journaling and getting my feelings out on paper.

Not songs yet but just feelings and things that were going on with me at the time.
I struggled with anger and depression and found more than a few “less healthy”
or even damaging ways to deal with things but none that worked like writing did.

It was and still is a way for me to let stuff out and dealt with or even organize my thoughts and feelings
and actually one of the reasons I put Jimmy’s Blue Notebook out as a real notebook instead of CDs.
Anyway hope all of you that are heading back to classes have a great semester
and if you need some supplies think about grabbing something to write in 🙂

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