Happy New Year/Toys in the Attic

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Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great time celebrating moving into 2018! I was home for the holidays and had a chance to spend a little time in the attic of my parents house. There were the typical old band photos, high school yearbooks, boxes of comics (seriously like 5 long-boxes full) and lots of toys. Starting with Star Wars, through some transformers, into Marvel and DC figures, then old multitrack recorders etc….

In a box marked “Jimmy’s Books” under dusty marked up and well worn copies of Bram Strokers Dracula, Mark Twain, and all Lord of the Rings books, next to the first 3 Harry Potter books, and on top of music industry books that were obsolete the week they cam out was a small container of CDs.

Among them were old Sick as Monday stuff including a live recording of our first show (which was also one of the last shows at CBGBs) some of my friends early work (Brian Speaker and Johnny Bhive, two great singer/songwriters you should check out) and a CD with a case that just said in blue pen “Jimmy G – 12 songs”. I popped it in an old laptop that still had a cd drive (remember those) and couldn’t wait to hear what old versions of songs I was about to be treated to (or horrified by.)

I excitedly clicked the play arrow and I was amazed, yes the guitar sounded horrible (I was never very good at recording myself) and I’m really glad I’ve learned how to sing since then but the biggest shock was….. I’ve never heard these songs in my life. Seriously, I have no recollection of writing or ever playing 9 of the 12 songs!!! That’s way past half!

I’ll admit there’s alot of “B-Sides” and maybe even some C- work on there but it was a fun snapshot of where and who I was at one time on this journey of being a musician. It was fun to look through the past and see how far I’ve come and an even better reminder to keep focusing on the future and creating new memories. I can’t wait to play more shows, write more songs, and create more music for me to look back on and hopefully for you to enjoy. Cheers to keeping learning and keeping creating! Happy New Year!!

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