I Want My MTV

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Ahh the days of a music playing MTV! Believe it or not there was a time when MTV played music videos all day and night with an occasional music related movie or special. Then there was VH1, BET, Fuse, Much Music…. music videos were how you discovered artists, it was a pretty sweet time to […]

I’m gonna be in a movie!

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Hey guys I’m super excited to announce that I have the opportunity to be in  Horror Movie! I’ve never done any acting before so this is totally undeserved haha but I definitely plan to make the most of it and throw myself into the whole process. I want to thank John Reign and Polestar Productions […]

JBN Live March 10 in Holbrook NY

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Saturday March 10 I’ll be joining the amazingly talented Jahsh, Chelsea Takami, Danni Christian,  Alicia Rose and Paul Reyes from The Ninjas Acoustic, as well as my good friend DJ Pearlman from Revel 9 on stage at Ram’s American pub in Holbrook NY. It’ll be a fun mix of generes and styles and a great night of music.

First “official” JBN Show!

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Excited to be playing my first “official” Jimmy’s Blue Notebook show Tuesday Feb 13th at KJ Farrells in Bellmore NY. Sure I’ve played alot of acoustic shows and many of them at KJ Farrells but there’s still something special about it being the first one tied to this project. It’s taken awhile to get to […]

Yes They’re Real

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Not what you were thinking? Ok so I’ve had a bunch of people asking me why I’m releasing the “Jimmy’s Blue Notebook” EP as an actual notebook. So here’s the short answer…. why not? Ok so here’s the longer version. Besides the fact that I and most people I know don’t listen to or buy […]

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