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Not what you were thinking? Ok so I’ve had a bunch of people asking me why I’m releasing the “Jimmy’s Blue Notebook” EP as an actual notebook. So here’s the short answer…. why not?

Ok so here’s the longer version. Besides the fact that I and most people I know don’t listen to or buy CDs anymore there’s still something awesome about seeing a local or unsigned artist that you like and getting a physical something from them when you want to support them. Shirts, hats, hoodies, stickers, CDs, patches, are all things that you can have to remember a moment or show. I love this part of art and music and it gets lost but boy are downloads convenient.

I wanted to have something unique and special to mark the release of this EP because it’s very personal to me and these songs were all written in a notebook. Sure I use my phone, Ipad or laptop when doing blogs or emails. I record ideas with my phones voice recorder or take a video, but when I write I still like to sit with a guitar, paper, and pencil and just get my ideas or feelings out.

Writing has always been a way for me to organize my thoughts, vent my frustrations, and honestly keep myself in check when I start to feel anxious or depressed. It’s been a safety net when I fall and a light in the darkness when I’ve felt lost. I want to share not only these songs but also encourage people to write, draw, doodle, etc… Be creative, be messy, be poetic, be funny, make a to do list, or do nothing with it at all, life isn’t about how many pages there are, it’s how you fill them.

These notebooks will be available at all my live shows and also as a special FANS ONLY offer that you can get by purchasing the EP as a download HERE.

Thanks guys, let me know what you do with your notebook!



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